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Want to understand how Superfly ensures all events are magical? Select the type of entertainer you are looking for below, then browse through our talented team!

Emcees/Disc Jockeys

  • Harlan Miltchin

    Click here to view my video
    Nickname:Mr. Interactive
    Age: 25
    Position: Director of Operations/EMCEE/DJ
    Most Memorable Event:Stem's of Hope Gala
    Favourite Music Genre:Classic Rock
    Favourite Song:Superfly - Curtis Mayfield
    Favourite Quote:"You can't always get what you what, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need" - Mick Jagger
    Words That Describe You:Outgoing, Interactive, Friendly, Fearless, Creative, Spontaneous, FUN!
  • Shawn Bernstein

    Click here to view my video
    Nickname:DJ Berny
    Most Memorable Event:Snoop Dogg Concert
    Favourite Music Genre:Motown, Funk, Top 40
    Favourite Song:The Tears of a Clown- Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
    Favourite Quote:"War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate"- Marvin Gaye
    - "I am the Bat Mitzvah girl's cousin"
    Words That Describe You:Hardworking, eager, polite, charming, sarcastic
  • Matt Regen

    Nickname:DJ Regen
    Most Memorable Event:Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
    Favourite Music Genre:Motown
    Favourite Song:Friday - Rebecca Black
    Favourite Quote:Do You Take Requests?
    Words That Describe You:Your Party's Favourite DJ
  • Evan Babins

    Nickname:DJ ESB
    Position:DJ & Emcee
    Most Memorable Event:The Kee To Bala
    Favourite Music Genre:House, Top 40
    Favourite Song:Call On Me - Eric Prydz
    Favourite Quote:"I don't know what my calling is, but I want to be here for a bigger reason. I strive to be like the greatest people who have ever lived" - Will Smith
    Words That Describe You:Honest, Loyal, Thoughtful, Respectful, Trustworthy
  • Jake Fasano

    Click here to view my video
    Nickname:The Future
    Position:DJ & Emcee
    Most Memorable Event:Every event I do is special and unique. But, the event that meant the most to me, in terms of my personal development as an independent professional in the entertainment industry, was the first school dance I DJay'd by myself. Everything that could have gone wrong, did. And yet it was still an amazing party. It was a character building moment and it forced me to trust myself and my decisions on my first stance of independence.
    Favourite Music Genre:I listen to everything. To say I have ONE favourite genre of music would be a disrespectful claim towards the hundreds of other musical genres that have inspired and uplifted me at various points in my life. Everyday I'm hopeful that I'll be shown a new group, artist or style of music that could be welcomed into my ever evolving repertoire of musical loves.
    Favourite Song:Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
    Favourite Quote:Again, as a lover of words and a diligent studier of phonology, there have been too many quotes and passages from influential people I admire to pick just ONE favourite quote. But for the sake of this site, i'll divulge one quote that has been of particular interest and amusement to me as of recent: "Don't tell me about the labour, just show me the baby."
    Words That Describe You:: Real. Inspired. Worldly. Passionate. Entertaining. Boisterous. Admirable. Funny. Witty. Conscious. Humble. Caring. Courteous. Patient. When we meet i'll give you the rest. Thanks for reading.
  • Benji Rosensweig

    Nickname:Golden Hands
    Most Memorable Event:Bar Mitzvah In Winnipeg
    Favourite Music Genre:Funk
    Favourite Song:Finally - Ce Ce Penison
    Favourite Quote:"Live life like it's your last"
    Words That Describe You:Handy, handsome, problem-solver, creative
  • Dan Sadowski

    Nickname:The Little Black Dress
    Most Memorable Event:School Dance
    Favourite Music Genre:Top 40/Rock/Pop
    Favourite Song:Don't Stop Believing - Journey
    Favourite Quote:"If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right." - Hunter S. Thompson
    Words That Describe You:Awesome
  • Dave Pildush

    Position:DJ & Emcee
    Most Memorable Event:Private Party At The ROM
    Favourite Music Genre:Dance, Hip-Hop, Jazz
    Favourite Song:Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
    Favourite Quote:"Everything happens for the best"
    Words That Describe You:Entrepreneurial, humorous, charismatic
  • Mitch Berman

    Click here to view my video
    Position:DJ & Emcee
    Most Memorable Event:Summer Tour
    Favourite Music Genre:Electronic, Rap, Soul
    Favourite Song:I Get Lifted - George McCrae
    Favourite Quote:The squeaky wheel gets the oil
    Words That Describe You:WOW
  • Jordan Assaraf

    Nickname:DJ Law
    Most Memorable Event:My First One
    Favourite Music Genre:Top 40
    Favourite Song:Happy Birthday
    Favourite Quote:"Life is not a dress rehearsal"
    Words That Describe You:Charming, Outgoing, Handsome, Friendly, Cool, Wicked, Awesome
  • Paul Greenberg

    Click here to view my video
    Most Memorable Event:Shawn Bernstein's Bar Mitzvah
    Favourite Music Genre:Pop
    Favourite Song:My Destiny - Lionel Richie
    Favourite Quote:"I Think I DJ'ed your Bar Mitzvah"
    Words That Describe You:Ambitious, Motivating, Goofy, Fun
  • Mike Toste

    Nickname:Mike Toast
    Most Memorable Event:Club Sweet : Cancun, Mexico
    Favourite Music Genre:House
    Favourite Song:Alex Kenji & Bass Kleph - Melocoton ....For now
    Favourite Quote:Everyday I'm Shufflin'
    Words That Describe You:Cool, Hip, Funky Fresh
  • Tyler Cappe

    Click here to view my video
    Position:DJ & Emcee
    Most Memorable Event:Rock The Bells @ Molson Amphitheater
    Favourite Music Genre:Hip-Hop, Rap
    Favourite Song:Regrets - Jay-Z
    Favourite Quote:"It is what it is"
    Words That Describe You:Funny, Chilled, Musical, Athletic, Determined
  • Ryan Hartzman

    Click here to view my video
    Most Memorable Event:Bar/Bat Mitzvah
    Favourite Music Genre:Hip-Hop
    Favourite Song: 
    Favourite Quote:You miss 100% of the shots you don't take- Wayne Gretzky
    Words That Describe You:Outgoing


  • Brooklyn Rombough

    Click here to view my video
    Most Memorable Event:All of them!
    Favourite Song:Where are you going - Dave Matthews Band
    Favourite Quote:"Swim for the music that saves you when you're not so sure you'll survive"
    Words That Describe You:Outgoing, Energetic, and Motivated
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?The most rewarding part of dancing for Superfly is getting the kids excited and being a good role model. The kids always watch and follow my lead and I enjoy seeing them have a good time and be involved and participating with us.
  • Jen Berman

    Click here to view my video
    Most Memorable Event:Summer Camp Tours
    Favourite Song:Club Can't Handle Me
    Favourite Quote:Avoid The Ordinary
    Words That Describe You:Outgoing, honest, big heart
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?Watching other people have so much fun, knowing you are a part of the reason!
  • Niccollette Monita

    Most Memorable Event:Sweet 16 At The Factory
    Favourite Song:Mr. Saxobeat- Alexandra Stan
    Favourite Quote:"If to dance is to dream, then you make dreams come true"
    Words That Describe You:Funny, crazy and generous
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?Watching kids have fun
  • Lauren Libfeld

    Most Memorable Event:West Prep Fun Day
    Favourite Song:Nothing On You- Bruno Mars
    Favourite Quote:"Everything Happens For A Reason"
    Words That Describe You:Energetic, Bubbly, Interactive, Motivating
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?Seeing people dance and enjoy themselves.
  • Vanessa Young

    Click here to view my video
    Most Memorable Event:FAME! Movie Premiere After Party
    Favourite Song:Turn The Lights Down Low- Lauryn Hill
    Favourite Quote:As If No One Is Watching
    Words That Describe You:Bubbly, Eccentric, Happy
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?Dancing to my favourite songs
  • Remi Miltchin

    Click here to view my video
    Nickname:Rowdy Remi
    Most Memorable Event:Zareinu Moveathon
    Favourite Song:Dig- Incubus
    Favourite Quote:Live, Laugh, Love
    Words That Describe You:Outgoing, Energetic, Loyal, Honest
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?Being able to do what I love
  • Dylan Fitzpatrick

    Most Memorable Event:Camp Timberlane Summer Event
    Favourite Song:Blinded By The Light - Manfred Mann
    Favourite Quote:"What's Life Without Cupcakes"
    Words That Describe You:Intelligent, Punctual, Interactive, Sweet, Cheerful
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?Making People Smile
  • Michelle Stork

    Most Memorable Event:Audi A7 Launch
    Favourite Song:Party In The U.S.A - Miley Cyrus
    Favourite Quote:"I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what it too deep to find for words"
    Words That Describe You:Fun-Loving, Outgoing, Entertaining, Enthusiastic
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?Keeping People Enthusiastic and Moving All Night Long
  • Noel Wosu

    Most Memorable Event:Breaking at the Rahzel Concert in 2006, Republik Night Club
    Favourite Song:Superbad-James Brown
    Favourite Quote:"Tough times don't last, tough people do".
    Words That Describe You:Crazy, Hardworking, Intense
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?The crowd cheering really loud after my performance.
  • Michael Bishun

    Nickname:Rulentlez (Relentless)
    Most Memorable Event:Ill Scarlett ft. Kardinal Official - Milkshakes & Razorblades music video
    Favourite Song:This Is How We Do It- Montel Jordan
    Favourite Quote:"Once you have money you will have ideas but for now you just have dreams" - Stan
    Words That Describe You:Caring, Humble, Fun, Energetic, Positive, Cute, Giving, Real, Colorful.
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?Making people smile and knowing that I've changed or impacted someone's life.
  • Ritchie Gatus

    Nickname:Tracer 1
    Most Memorable Event:All of my events are memorable!
    Favourite Song:Anything that is Hip-Hop, RnB and/or Reggae
    Favourite Quote:"Breakdancing is a hobby, B-boying is a way of life."
    Words That Describe You:Funny, Honest, and Respectful
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?Entertaining the people at the event
  • James Lee Murphy

    Most Memorable Event:Loretto Abby Highschool Performance (Over 2000 people rumbling the floor for me)
    Favourite Song:Superbad- James Brown
    Favourite Quote:Keep Practicing
    Words That Describe You:Powerful, Motivated, Determined, Disciplined, Hypnotizing
    What's The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?The smile and amazement on people's faces when I fly, the compliments and meeting new people.

Specialty Entertainment

    Interested in booking a special performer for your event? Contact us and we will supply you with all the information.

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